Capital Consortium


Sauk County Human Services Department

Sauk County West Square Building - 505 Broadway Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913
Phone: (608) 355-4200 | Fax: (608) 355-4299

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Management Contact: Cheri Brickl - Economic Support Supervisor
Phone: (608) 355-4270

Drug Testing:

CCA Worker completes and signs the Optoins Lab, Inc. Drug Testing Authorization and sends via e-mail to, and
Once the e-mail is received, Sauk County will send it out to the customer. No Appointment is needed – Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Customer must take a photo ID with them in order for testing to be done.

Vault Card:

Inform the customer to go to the Sauk County Human Services Department. They will be directed to a worker who will let them know if they are eligible to receive a card. Explain that an ID will be required.

Primary QUEST Vault Card Coordinator: Kay Kippley

Backup Primary QUEST Vault Card Coordinator: Cheri Brickl

Vault Card Pickup Address - Primary: Sauk County Department of Human Services, 505 Broadway, 4th floor, Baraboo, WI 53913

Primary Vault Card Pickup Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Site 1 Phone: (608) 355-4200

Homeless Mail Pickup Sites:

Homeless mail pick up is at Sauk County Human Services, 505 Broadway Street-4th floor, Baraboo, WI 53913.
Hours mail can be picked up: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Unavailable to pick up during the lunch hour.)

  • Call (608) 355-4200 for more information.


To report a change, customers are directed to use the lobby phone to call CCA or the computer in the lobby to report via Access. They can also see our Resource Specialist or Intake Worker.
To apply for benefits, computers, paper applications, and phones are available in the lobby from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. An intake worker is available to meet with customers. They explain the 4 options to apply and help people apply, if needed. If customer is FS Priority, an interview will be conducted while they are in the office.
If it is a new program request, they will see our Intake Worker and be given all application options. If they want to apply while here, client registration is completed and will be seen by someone on CCA to conduct interview. If they have questions and want to see someone here, they will see our Resource Specialist.
No one is stationed in the lobby. The receptionist will notify the appropriate person.

EBD Broker List:

Workers can release case information without a release of information form or authorized representative form to the following contracted agencies:

  • Family Care: Care Wisconsin, Inclusa and My Choice Family Care
  • IRIS: Advocates 4U, Connections and TMG


All Fraud/Overpayment referrals are now done through B.R.I.T.S.

  • Fraud Hotline: (608) 266-4459 (this number can be given out to the public to report fraud tips, callers can remain anonymous)
  • Staff can contact Monica J. - Fraud Investigator at (608) 288-7136 or

Overpayment Inquiries:

When callers have a question about an overpayment or tax intercept, refer caller to Kyle Peterson at (608) 242-7439.

Sauk County Property Records Website Link:

Click here to look up property information in Sauk County

Safe at Home Coordinator:

Jeana Neumaier:  

Sauk County Nursing Homes:

Click here for a list of nursing homes in Sauk County

Aging & Disability Resource Center

  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Toll-Free: (800) 482-3710 | Phone: (608) 355-3289 | Fax: (608) 355-4375
  • Address: West Square Building, Room #102, 505 Broadway Street, Baraboo, WI 53913


Child Protective Services:

Any concerned individual can report suspected abuse or neglect directly to a local child protective service agency or law enforcement agency. Certain individuals whose employment brings them into contact with children are required by law to report any suspected abuse or neglect or threatened abuse or neglect to a child seen in the course of their professional duties.

  • Phone: (608) 355-4200 or (800) 533-5692 After Hours
  • Address: 505 Broadway, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 29, Baraboo, WI 53913
  • CPS Supervisor: Lori Follendorf | Email: | Phone: (608) 355-4267

Child Support Agency:

  • Phone: (608) 355-3238 | Fax: (608) 355-3239
    Address: 515 Oak Street, 2nd Floor, Baraboo, WI 53913


  • Neighborly - Baraboo's Community Free Clothing Store
    • Address: First United Methodist Church, 615 Broadway Street, Baraboo, WI 53913
    • Phone: (608) 356-3991 or (608) 524-0978
    • Hours of Operation: Monday & Friday 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (or by appointment)
  • Grateful Hearts: Clothing for everyone; some formula and diapers; items for daily living.
    • Address: 190 Prospect Avenue, Mauston, WI 53948
    • Phone: (608) 847-2068
    • Hours of Operation: Thursdays 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Crisis Services:

Call United Way's 2-1-1 for general resource information.

Elder Abuse Prevention:

  • Phone: (608) 355-4200 or after hours 1-800-533-5692

Energy Assistance:

Energy Services Inc., also known as Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP), provides free cash grants to help people pay their winter heating and energy bills.

  • Phone: (608) 356-8887 or call (800) 506-5596 to schedule an appointment
  • Address: 916 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913

Emergency Assistance:

Residents of Sauk County can call the Emergency Assistance desk at (608) 356-2034. For Emergency Assistance eligibility information please visit the State website at

Food Pantries:

Please call 2-1-1 for local resources.

DHS listed Nutrition and Food Assistance Programs

Food Share Employment and Training (FSET):

This program assists people who get FoodShare to find a job through work activities and education and training.

  • Contact Person: Morgan Meeker
  • Forward Service Corp.
    • 414 Broadway, Suite 201, Baraboo, WI 53913
  • Forward Service Corp Training website for FSET participants

Housing Programs:

Plese call 211 for local resources

Kinship Care:

Pregnant Women Resources:

  • Nurse-Family Partnership
    • Website:
    • Phone: (608) 355-3290
    • First-time moms who are less than 29 weeks pregnant, meet income requirements, and live in a service area are eligible for free help from a personal nurse who will come to your home to offer advice, support, and a good laugh when you need it most through your pregnancy and until your baby is 2 years old.
  • Prenatal Care Coordination
    • Website:
    • Phone: (608) 355-3290 | Fax: (608) 355-4329
    • First-time moms who are less than 29 weeks pregnant, meet income requirements, and live in a service area are eligible for free help from a personal nurse who will come to your home to offer advice, support, and a good laugh when you need it most through your pregnancy and until your baby is 2 years old.\
  • Click here to download Referral for Maternal & Child Programs
    • [ESS, if time allows, complete the referral form using the link below and fax according to instructions on form]

Salvation Army:

  • Salvation Army Contact: Rev. Howard Wynne
  • Phone: (608) 986.2021
  • Address: 102 N. Church Street, Lime Ridge, WI 53942

Social Security Administration:

  • Phone: 1-888-875-1681
  • Address: Suite 100, 2875 Village Road, Portage, WI 53901

Suicide Prevention:

  • National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • For Veterans, press 1. En Español, oprima el 2
  • Sauk County Access Unit: (608) 355-4200

Veterans Services:

  • Sauk County Wisconsin Veterans Service Office
    • Veterans Service Officer: Tony Tyczynski
    • Phone: (608) 355-3260, (608) 355-3261, or (608) 355-3262 | Fax: (608) 355-3263
    • Address: Sauk County West Square, 505 Broadway Street, Room 205, Baraboo, WI 53913

Wisconsin Works (W-2):

Forward Services Corporation: W-2 provides employment preparation services, case management, and cash assistance to eligible families. All W-2 appointments must be completed in person, at W-2 office:

  • Address: 414 Broadway, Suite 201A, Baraboo, WI 53913
  • Phone: (855) 733-1311
  • NOTE: Closed Noon – 12:30 p.m. for lunch, Monday through Friday.

For more information on Wisconsin Works (W-2) may be obtained from the State web site.


Sauk County residents van call (608) 355-4320 for assistance.

  • Office: 505 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Baraboo, WI 53913

Breach Notification:

In case of breach, please contact: